Church Teams and Positions

First Baptist has a wide variety of positions and teams that makes the church function and run smoothly. We are honored to have such great volunteers and people looking to follow God when it comes to filling these positions and teams. Below is a list of these teams, we have a varied election process or term process for them. However, with that being said, we would be blessed to have you aboard. 


    The Proprieties Team was created to search for new land that the church can build on. This team keeps and eye out for listings of properties in the China Spring area and will report said listings to the Church Council.


    Our Maintenance Team is one of the best. This team is responsible for making repairs and completing general upkeep around the church as needed. 

  • Personnel Team

    The Personnel Team is responsible for filling any staff vacancies in the church. They will search for a new staff member and recommend them to the Church Council. 

  • FINANCE Team

    The Finance Team over seas the churches money handling and will make finical reports/recommendation to the church to ensure good stewardship of the money that we have been blessed with.

  • LOng Range

    The Long Range Team seeks to provide long term visions for the church to ensure that we are always working toward a major milestone that will bring glory to God.

  • Safety Team

    The Safety Team is responsible for making the sure the church has plans in place in the case of an emergency. They also keep an eye for any hazards at church sponsored events. 

  • Fellowship

    Our Fellowship Team works wonders when it comes to planning events. The fellowship is responsible for coordinating church wide get together's and providing service for that. They plan things such as the Thanksgiving Dinner and Church Picnic in the Summer. 

  • Church Clerk

    The Church Clerk is responsible for keeping an official record of all major actions that are taken by the church, a record of members in the church, as well as other various task that create transparency for the church.

  • Church TREasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the fiances of the church, managing logistics with the fiances, and creating finical transparency for the church.